Italianicious has undertaken a rebranding on social media platforms to reflect and align to it’s current and future media content. The name is more specific regarding the content previously and currently appearing. The focus will still be on Food, Wine, Travel and Style however  it will be more interactive with the newly rebranded name Italian – Travel + Food+ Wine Lovers Collective. The future will afford more growth and opportunities for all our valued supporters and enable those accessing this market greater exposure and reach.


We aim to build a global community sharing Italian travel, food and wine experiences in words and pictures.

Our mission has been underpinned by our love and your identification with Italian culture and style.
Along with like minded people we will highlight the beauty of Italy through it’s unique regions and broad diversity knitted together primarily through culinary and travel experiences.
We are building a collaborative relationship with those who share our passion and interact with us and others through our social media and other communication touch points.
Just being part of what we do is being part of the collective*.




*collective (noun)…. a group of entities representing many individuals’ that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest.